New Hope Group – New Acland Rehabilitation

New Hope’s industry leading environmental credentials have been formally ratified through Queensland Government certification of 349 hectares of progressively rehabilitated mined land at its New Acland coal mine operations on the Darling Downs.

New Hope has been progressively rehabilitating New Acland Mine since operations began in 2002. Rehabilitation commences immediately behind mining operations. Around 490Ha of mined land is rehabilitated. 240Ha of the rehabilitated land is now grazing ~75-100 cattle. Five years of scientific cattle grazing trials conducted on the rehabilitated land indicate cattle on mined land perform as well, or better than, cattle on unmined land.

New Acland benefits from one of Australia’s most ambitious and practical land management programs, led by the Acland Pastoral Company (APC).

Established by New Hope in 2006, APC provides a progressive rehabilitation program to return mined land to agricultural and conservation uses while contributing to the region’s agribusiness industry.

To date, about 400ha of land has been rehabilitated. Innovative cattle grazing trials and a local tree species planting program are also in progress.

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