Glencore and the Northern Hairy Nose Wombat Recovery Project

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is one of the rarest animals in the world and a critically endangered species.

Glencore voluntarily partnered with the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to airlift northern hairy-nosed wombats from Epping Forest National Park to a new colony near St George in south-west Queensland.

The St George site was established with predator-proof fencing, starter wombat burrows, water and food stations, electrical and communication infrastructure, veterinary equipment, and predator, pest and weed removal.  An environmentally sustainable ranger station was also constructed on site.

This dynamic reintroduction program is one of the most unique and important sustainable development projects in Australia’s natural history.

The first northern hairy-nosed wombat joey was born in October 2011 and the current population is now around 200, up from 35 at its lowest point.  With numbers slowly increasing, the establishment of further northern hairy-nosed wombat colonies will help to secure the survival of the species.

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